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A couple of questions people have when they call us are, "Are we experts at what we do?", and, "How much will it cost?"

The first question, I'll let my customers speak for themselves. Click here to see what they say. Click here to look at my resume.

As for, "How much will it cost", there are two answers:

1. Some things have set prices, and
2. Others are charged by the time it takes.

One thing I don't do is charge for mileage. Our service is unique in that respect. My philosopy is, "Why charge extra if I am going to be in that area anyway?" Overnight stays do not bother us in the slightest, and we have at times spent over a month in areas that way back in the boonies, 80 miles from the nearest McDonald's Restaurant.

To get right to the point most people are asking, The most common price to get your piano back into tune ranges between $110.00 to $165.00 depending on how far the piano is out of tune, and how much effort is required to get it there. Details are below if you want to go further.

Set Pricing On Most Common Tuning Tasks

Tension Analysis - Using computerized diagnostics to troubleshoot tuning stability and other issues - Free with tuning

Full Pitch Raising or Lowering - When a piano has not been tuned in a long time  - $55.00  (This procedure can sometimes be pro-rated for a, "Partial"). It is also recommended to do this in the same visit as the Tuning.

Tuning - (Also known as a, "Fine Tuning", or "Final Tuning"... the end product.) - $110.00

Voicing - Down - Free with tuning if needed

Common Repairs

Hammer Surfacing - $120.00

Broken String Replacement -

Bridle Strap Replacement - $90.00

Key Bushing Replacement - $250.00

Key Top Replacement - $250.00

Damper Felt Replacement (Full) - $250.00

Hammer Shank Replacement - $30.00

Tasks Based on Time

Some common tasks are based on time, because the time varies based on the design and characteristics of a piano that can widely vary in amounts of time necessary to complete a task. Normally I can give an estimated amount of time and a close estimated price when I do an evaluation of the piano at the time I come to tune it.

Technical work is charged at $60.00/hr or the exact amount of time that the task takes. If for some reason, the piano cannot be tuned or repaired, I ask a Minimum Service Fee to cover my time and expense to evaluate your piano. This fee is waived if I Fine Tune your piano in the same visit.

Booking An Appointment

To ask questions or book an appointment, it is always better to call. I try to be aailable to my clients at all times, because you are important. There are times I am out of cell phone range or am on another call, in this case, you can leave a message or text on my phone and I will call you back when I get back in range. The number is:


You may also contact me by e-mail at:

(Just click on the link)

or, if you are outside the Portland Metro Area:

(Just click on the link)

Many of our clients reside across the U.S. in different states. If you are outside the Portland Metro Area, we can sometimes plan a trip to your area. When we are travelling the United States and plan to go through your state, we will contact you to set up an appointment. My computer is set up to alert me when we plan to travel through your area.

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