Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Piano Repair

Your piano is an instrument made up of 9,000 to 14,000 parts, most of which are wood and felt. Because of this, your piano will need repairs from time to time. Felt and leather parts wear and wooden action parts can break, even on the most expensive pianos.

Parts swell and shrink as the humidity changes, wear out with use, or fatigue with age.

Dirt and grit prematurely wear out felt, leather and wood action parts. Cleaning and regulating will prolong the life of your piano.

Proper regulation (adjustment of the geometry of piano parts for the most efficient transfer of energy) is necessary for the best performance of your piano. A well regulated piano is a joy to play because it is more even and more responsive to the demands of the pianist.

While new pianos usually arrive fairly well regulated, the felt and leather parts “break in”, and minor regulating is needed even during the first or second year of use.

Common types of repair are:
  • Action Regulation

  • Dampers - Damper Felt Replacment, Damper Regulation

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